It’s a nice time of day beloved artists and admirers of cool automobiles. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you how to draw the Tesla Model 3 which is an electric car with five seats manufactured by Tesla.
Step 1
Although Tesla is most likely to be the most modern car its body is identical to traditional automobiles. So, we draw the contours of the car using the aid of lines that are light. Be aware that the lines shouldn’t be too straight or clear The two initial steps are to draw the contours of cars on a piece of paper.
Step 2
Continue to draw the lesson to learn drawing the Tesla Model 3. At the rear of the vehicle, we sketch the outline of the headlights. The Tesla doesn’t come with radiator grilles, so between the headlights, we draw a line for our fake grille for radiators.
Step 3
As we’ve already mentioned that in the initial steps we sketched out the basic outline of the car. at this point, we’ll focus on the specifics. With the aid of dark and clear lines, first, draw the lights of the headlights on our Tesla. With the help of curving lines, we draw the hood. In the middle of the hood, between the headlights and the hood, we draw the Tesla logo.
Step 4
Continue drawing Tesla Model 3. Below the headlights and Tesla sign, draw a curved line that resembles the grille. Below, we trace the bumper lines and straight turn signals.
Step 5
Let’s go up and begin working on the top part of the Tesla. In the same direction as the bonnet, we draw the curving line of the roof that seamlessly flows to the rear. With clear lines, draw out the rear-view mirrors and windows.
Step 6
The windows continue to draw the doors out and the unique retractable car handles. In fact, Tesla’s doors Tesla are unique, for instance, Tesla Model X rear doors are raised like the doors of the DeLorean DMC.
Step 7
So, we’re nearing the end of the lesson on drawing the Tesla Model 3. Draw wheel arches that must be smooth and clear. Within the wheel arches, draw out the wheels that, from this angle appear like ovals.
Step 8
An extremely complex process that requires us to sketch out the rims. Draw the outline of rims in the shape of regular ovals. Then, outline the central part of the rims, and the spokes that extend from the center up to around the perimeter of the rims.
Step 9
Instruction on drawing the Tesla Model 3 came to the final step. It’s a simple step in which we have to draw some shadows with a simple hatching.

Before this model, Tesla had already made Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X. If you’d like us to draw the remaining models, note them down here and share this drawing class with your fellow classmates.

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