In this simple drawing lesson, the team from will teach you what you can draw with an optical telescope. In this drawing tutorial, there will be many straight lines. We hope you’ll be in a position to draw them with no difficulties. Of course, you could employ the eraser, however, to be a professional artist, try doing without the eraser.

Step 1
Each drawing tutorial begins with preparatory steps and the instruction on drawing the telescope is not any different. First, draw the long cylinder that is the body of the telescope.

Step 2
Draw two lines that are curved across the body of your telescope as illustrated in our illustration. Of course, telescopes are available in many different varieties, so it is possible to draw any extra lines that can distinguish the drawing of your telescope from ours.

Step 3
Draw the focuser and eyepiece on the left side of the scope. This is rather complicated because there are many details and lines, though smaller ones. But If you’re careful you’ll be able to easily duplicate the things you see before you.

Step 4
Then, at the top of the telescope, make sure you have the finder scope visible. This feature is also available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you are able to alter the “sight” that the scope has.

Step 5
In the lower portion of the telescope, draw out the mount. It is essentially made of two circles with a cylindrical figure in between.

Step 6
Below the mount, draw the tripod with straight and clear lines. In our video tutorial on drawing the tripod, you will learn how to draw it with precision.

Step 7
Then, by hatching, we can create shadows. This makes our drawing of the telescope more 3D and real.

In this drawing class, we taught our students ways to draw an optical telescope. We used an original method of drawing: we sketched a telescope without using guidelines. That is, we quickly drew straight black lines and clear lines. If you’re interested in learning how to draw many intriguing objects, look up”pencil” on our website’s “easy drawing” section on the website.

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