Welcome, dear artists. to the instructional video created by the artists from 3dvkarts. In previous lessons, we have shown the students ways to draw kettles as well as the perfect glass of tea. Today, we decided to carry on the tea theme and created an instructional video on drawing teapots.

Step 1
The first step is easy – we need to draw a basic circle.

Step 2
The top is where we sketch the lid by making use of drawing an oval as well as a circular. on the left side we draw a spout, and on the right side, a handle.

Step 3
Now, with dark, clear, and curving lines, draw out the lid of the teapot.

Step 4
Then, draw out the body, spout, and handle of the teapot as well as using smooth and clear lines.

Step 5
Let’s now add shadows and glare by using lighting lines and hatching.

The lesson focused on drawing the teapot. It is important to remember that we offer several lessons on various kitchen appliances as well as other products. If you’re curious, take a look at these lessons. We want to let you know that we do not have not only this website but also pages on every social network known. Take note of the pages we have on Facebook and Pinterest There you’ll see announcements about our classes as well as a shorter versions of the tutorials we have posted.

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