Welcome to 3dvkarts. We rarely draw anything about the interior of a home, and so in this lesson, we decided to fix the mistake. Thus, take a drawing course about drawing the tap.

Step 1
Pick up a pencil and using long, slightly curly lines, begin sketching the tap. Norte these lines are extremely soft and smooth.

Step 2
It is a simple process where you draw the base for the tap. In our case, we’ve drawn a small basis however, you could draw a different design.

Step 3
Go towards the uppermost point of the tap and sketch the handle. We have drawn an old-fashioned handle, but you can draw any shape.


Step 4
The main designs of taps are in place. Utilizing extremely clear and dark lines, the tap is drawn out giving it a nice smoothness.

Step 5
Create some shadows and add some glare. To create glare that is realistic, create lines within the contours.

The lesson was drawing on drawing the tap step-by-step. The tap we draw was a classic in this drawing lesson however, you are able to draw taps of any shape, and use any handle. Don’t forget to share this tutorial and follow us on social media.

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