How to draw A Tap Water Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1

To draw the faucet, take a pencil and draw long and slightly curved lines. Norte recommends that lines be smooth and light.

Step 2

This is a very easy step that involves drawing the base of the faucet. We used the example to illustrate this, however, you could draw any shape.

Step 3

Draw the handle by moving it to the nozzle. You can draw any shape you like, although we have drawn a traditional handle.

Step 4

You are now ready to draw the general shape of your faucet. Draw the faucet using very precise and detailed lines.

Step 5

You can add shadows or glare to the contours. Draw lines within the contours to make the glare more realistic.

This drawing lesson will show you how to draw a faucet step-by-step. This drawing tutorial shows how to draw a classic faucet. However, you can draw any faucet shape or handle. Share this lesson with your friends and follow us on social media.

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