Dear readers welcome to our drawing lesson on drawing the tanto which is the Samurai dagger. If you are a fan of the theme of Japan and perhaps you’ve seen our drawing tutorials on the katana and the wakizashi.

Step 1
This is the exact method that was used in the lessons on wakizashi and katana to draw a slightly curving line.

Step 2
Draw a second curved line beneath the first line. Connect them like in our example.

Step 3
Add some more details to the blade, such as the cutting line.

Step 4
Draw the pommel and guard as in our illustration.

Step 5
By crossing lines, trace the wrapping onto the grip.

Step 6
Remove all lines, then paint the grip, and then make shadows with short hatching.

This was a drawing class on drawing an adolescent step-by-step. Do not forget to pass this information on to social media and join us on social media. Thank you for taking the time to read and say adieu!

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