How to Draw a Tank

We love drawing weapons and various vehicles. In the tutorial on drawing tanks and a vehicle, both of these drawing tools will be combined. This tutorial will be less complicated than other tutorials that are available on Our team believes even the least experienced artist can follow this tutorial and master drawing tanks in a short and easy manner.


Step 1

Then, draw what’s underneath the tank. At first, it appears more like the bottom of a cobblestone, rather than a tank, isn’t it?




Step 2

Draw a tank tower over the geometric form of the previous step. It can be more angular, like in the illustration by the artists at, or make it easier.




Step 3

Create an empty barrel for the tank. In this stage, the barrel appears like a large and flat rectangle. It is possible to make the barrel larger or smaller than the image from the artists at




Step 4

Let’s give the tank’s bottom the proper look. For this, draw the side skirt in the shape of an extremely narrow rectangle, with curving edges.




Step 5

On the side of the barrel sketch an increase in thickness that is the shape of a square. At the summit of the tower draw an opening by drawing an elongated rectangle.




Step 6

Make the track outline in the same way as the artists from did in the illustration below. You can create large tracks, like the ones in the image, or smaller ones.




Step 7

Make use of the five circles to form road wheels. The middle three wheels should be wider than the ones at the edges.




Step 8

Paint the tank. They are available in a variety of colors. Most of the time, tanks are either yellow or green. It is possible to utilize colors pencils paints and felt-tip pens.




If you are able to follow this point, then likely you’ve already mastered this tutorial on drawing tanks. Check out our category on Vehicles to find out the art of drawing vehicles, spaceships as well as other types of transport. If you’re looking to learn how to draw weapons or swords check out our category on weapons.

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