Hello and welcome to! This lesson is super easy as we’ll teach the drawing process of a tank for children. Like other lessons in this class, there are no difficult parts shadows, asymmetry, or anything else that might cause problems. In general, if you have the desire to become an artist and have just decided to take up pencils, begin with the lessons in the category for newbies. If you already have some experience in drawing and feel that this tutorial isn’t easy for you, then proceed to our more difficult instructions on drawing tanks. Let’s start this lesson and discover what it takes to draw tanks for novices!

Step 1
Draw an elongated, flattened horizontal oval.

Step 2
In accordance with the concept of the snowman, draw an additional oval over the top, but it’s smaller.

Step 3
In the right upper portion of the picture, we draw the oval barrel. It is made up of two parts: both short and long. The short piece resembles the typical box.

Step 4
Draw a thin edge inside the tank’s bottom it’s necessary to indicate tracks for tanks. In case you’re in need of more practice with drawing simple drawings of similar subjects, make sure to read our instructional guide on drawing an aircraft for beginners.

Step 5
Our lesson concludes by drawing five major circles within the large oval. Within each circle, make smaller circular shapes. You might already know, these shapes are the tracks of the wheels that the tank.

The lesson was on drawing a tank for children which was made specifically for your use by If you feel that the lesson such as simple for you, then try something more challenging like, for instance, drawing Slenderman. Goodbye!

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