Hey, dear fans of great music and beautiful drawings. Today, we chose to merge the subjects of drawing and music. and put together a course on drawing the tambourine.
How to draw the tambourine. Although it appears simple, however, it’s a complex and fascinating musical instrument and we believe you’ll be intrigued by learning you can draw one.

Step 1
The first part of this drawing tutorial is easy. We will need to draw an oval.

Step 2
With the aid of a couple of curving lines, draw out the lower edge of the tambourine.

Step 3
This is the next step in the course on how to draw a tambourine, it is necessary to draw rivets as well as Cymbals.

Step 4
Let’s add some shadows to make the look of our tambourine more beautiful and voluminous.

It was quite simple, wasn’t it? If you’re looking for something more complex regarding musical instruments, take a look at the tutorial on drawing an instrument.


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