How to Draw a Tactical Knife

How to Draw a Tactical Knife

Step one:

In the beginning, all you need be doing is trace the upper part of your blade.

Step two:

Draw the entire blade, which is tiny and around the size of four inches (in real reality). Once you’ve finished, you can proceed to step 3.

Step three:

Then draw the handle for the knife that you want to use tactically, as follows. Once you have drawn the handle, make sure to draw the notches on the handle’s bottom.

Step four:

Draw the handle of the knife in this manner you can move on to step 5, that is the last drawing step.

Step five:

Then, draw the blade’s edge as follows, and then, draw the rivets that connect the blade’s base as well as on the top of the handle. If you have made mistakes, you can erase them right now.

Step six:

It’s over, you’re completed. You can now enjoy coloring your tactical knife to look like the SOG.

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