How to Draw a Taco

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a taco – one of our favorite dishes on

There are many variations of this Mexican dish, but you can learn how to draw it by following this lesson.


How to Draw a Taco

Step 1: Sketch the Outlines for the Taco

The famous shape of this dish is well-known. Sketch out the outline of the taco using very thin lines. Do not try to draw perfect lines.




Step 2: Start drawing the fillings of the taco

Tacos are best when it comes to filling. We will start by drawing the taco’s filling. Although we chose to draw meat, there are many other fillings.




Step 3 – Draw the rest of the filling

We decided to draw a portion of the filling that included different kinds of vegetables, instead of just the meat. You can also choose to fill your taco with a different filling, just like in the previous step.




Step 4 – Sketch the details of the Filling

You can make your taco drawing more natural by adding details like chili, beans, and chopped onions.




Step 5 – Finish the job

Add other vegetables to your tacos, such as the texture of the meat or tortilla.




Step 6 – Remove the Construction Lines

Now, it is time to give the taco drawing a polished look that makes it ready to be taken to the table. Use an eraser to erase all lines of construction that were drawn in the first step.




Step 7 – Color your taco drawing

We used orange tortillas, brown meat, and green, yellow, and red vegetable fillings.

The team at will share some interesting tips with you at the end of this article.

The shadows add volume to the drawing. Shadows are what show the object’s three-dimensionality. To make your taco appear more real, try drawing shadows.

To create a still-life, you can also draw a plate, glasses, or cutlery. You can also add other dishes to your drawn-food table.  How to Draw a Killer Whale

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