How To Draw A T-rex Head Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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As you can see, you’ll begin with drawing the outline that is the shape of the head of the T-Rex in the same way, then draw the jaw’s lower part that’s wide-open due to the fact that the dinosaur is screaming.

Step 2
Following the steps you completed in step one Begin sketching the design of the head of the T-Rex and the necessary section. Draw fine lines on the upper portion of the jaw, and a few in the jaw’s lower part.

Step 3.
This is where you begin to draw razor-sharp teeth. Then, create the cone-shaped tongue. Include nostrils, and then outline the liner to make distinct eyes.

Step 4
Then draw an eyeball that is small and draw all folds that surround the eye. Once you’re done you can add more details to one aspect of your face. You can then outline the other teeth that are pointed. Yes, you can you can add skin appearance to the mouth as well.

Step 5
Once face design is completed You can draw the outline of the neck of the dinosaur. It is important to take your time while drawing the details on the surface that will give your T-Rex a more realistic appearance. After you’ve completed the outline you can move on to the sixth step.

Step 6
Then, repeat the steps you took in the first step face to face. The flakes are larger than you can count, so be sure to trace the texture’s definition in the way you can see it in this drawing. Erase your mistakes before you start adding details.

Step 7

Here’s what your drawing will look like when you’re finished. You can now begin coloring on the top part of your T-Rex that you have created.

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