how to draw a sword

Are you looking to master the art of drawing an ax? If you’ve read these paragraphs, then we could suppose that you’d like to learn to draw an actual sword. The readers of have been waiting for a long time to read this article on our website and, of course, we were unable to deny them. The kind of sword illustrated in this piece is referred to as”the “short sword”, which was extremely popular during the time of the Roman Empire.

We have decided to make this guide as easy and inexpensive as possible. To achieve this, we separated the guide into eight easy sections, with each line in red.


Step 1

Let’s begin by drawing the blade. Draw it as two lines that are simple and parallel. To simplify the process, draw these lines using the help of a ruler.




Step 2

Join the lines of the initial stage to form the weapon’s point. In order to verify the proportionality of the artwork, examine it in the mirror.




Step 3

The blade is finished so let’s make the guard. We have drawn a guard that is characteristic of short swords. It is actually a small vertical rectangle.




Step 4

We’ll now move toward the grasp of the shorter sword. This portion is also best done with 2 straight lines. This grip must be a little narrower in comparison to the steel.




Step 5

At this point, the final stage is to create what appears to be the design of our weapon. The very top of the grip is the pommel. It can be in the form of our example or in the shape of an arc.




Step 6

Let’s look at the details right now, by making the design of the sword more real. Begin by drawing a long line that runs through the center of the iron. Then, draw the wrapper strips that run diagonally across the grip.




Step 7

Then, clean off any excess lines of your sword drawing. After that, you can trace the entire thing to create the drawing of the sword larger attractive, and appealing.




Step 8

Paint the blade. The light gray-blue hue is ideal to paint the sword. To complete this melee weapon, it is possible to make use of any color.




If you’ve read the following phrases, you are now aware of how to draw the sword. We have already mentioned that the words we use are known as short. This is because of the size of their cutting surfaces. Additionally that a weapon with this kind of design is fitted with a grip that is rather small which is about which is the size of an average palm.

As we have mentioned earlier legionnaires from Rome were equipped with these words. They were also employed by most gladiators. When he was freed from slavery the gladiator also received a sword, however, it was made of wood and was known as Rudis.

If you make the particulars of the weapon more elaborately than the two-handed sword. If you reduce these parts the result is the dagger.

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