how to draw a swan

This drawing instruction will show you how to draw an easy and quick swan. breaks down the swan drawing process into simple steps. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the instructions on drawing a swan.


Step 1

Tradition dictates that we begin with the easiest. Draw a swan’s head using a simple circle. Next, draw the bird’s trunk as an oval shape. Don’t try to make them perfect and smooth.




Step 2

Connect the head and torso of the swan using two long, straight lines. You should noticeably thin the upper neck than the lower.




Step 3

Draw a line of water, as shown in the image from The water line should be drawn around the body of the swan.




Step 4

Put the pencil aside for a moment and take an eraser to remove the lines of construction shown in the first stages.




Step 5

The swan’s head should have a distinctive beak and small, round eyes. These are located near the beak. These details should be kept clean and neat.




Step 6

Draw a wing. It should be found in the upper part of the bird’s torso. The feathers at the edge of the wings can be drawn using a few lines.




Step 7

The swan’s tail should be drawn as a triangular, geometric shape. This part of the body can be drawn with a few lines to make it look more like a tail.




Step 8

Grab the eraser again to remove any remaining construction lines. You can now complete the swan drawing with beautiful water waves around it.




Step 9

Once the drawing of the swan is done, it’s time for you to color it. For the plumage and beak, use ivory, while orange is for the beak. Dark brown is for the area around your eyes.




The instruction on drawing a swan has been completed. Now, the team wants to share some tips and tricks to help you portray this magnificent animal.

Add more feathers to your swan drawing’s tail and wings. This will give it a more convincing appearance. Your swan drawing will appear more vibrant if the plumage texture is increased. Shadows can also help to increase the volume of the image, as shown in the drawing.

You can also depict the swan with a different pose. You can show a swan that has raised wings, for example. For reference, you can also use photos from the Internet.


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