In this surprisingly simple draw-in lesson, which is realistic and consists of eight easy steps, the team at will teach you the art of drawing the outline of an SUV. Automobiles were introduced around a hundred years ago, and during the duration of the existence of cars equipped with internal combustion engines, we have seen various types of bodies. However, we won’t be misled when we say that the most well-known body type is the SUV (sport utility vehicle) which is a distinctly North American type of car which is classified by the government as a light truck however, it is designed to be used in everyday life for passenger transportation.

Step 1

To avoid being confused when sketching an SUV, the very first thing to do is sketch out the outline for the vehicle. For this kind of vehicle, it is quite rough and a big outline and a large window frame are typical. Thus, with the help of very gentle hand movements, you can map out the body, as demonstrated in the illustration drawn by the artists from



Step 2

Let’s transform the box that was drawn in the previous step into something that looks more like an SUV-style drawing. Start from the front, drawing round headlamps, with rectangle grilles and square frames that are between the headlamps. Then, using straight lines, outline the windows in squares and doors that are angular. Then, draw out the rear view in a rough and large mirror.


Step 3

We will continue sketching the important details of our SUV sketch. We sketch the wheels and an angular wheel arch. We then draw the front and side skirts. Remember that we showed what you can draw for an SUV using the model of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class (aka Gelandewagen). To draw a different SUV, you just need to alter the essential details of your drawing.


Step 4

In the beginning, we’ve sketched out the outline of what an SUV looks like and at this point, we will draw the vehicle in full. In the fourth step, we’ll need to sketch an entrance bumper. the logo (in our case, it’s Mercedes-Benz) is located in the middle of the grille as well as the registration plate.


Step 5

We’ll begin with an upper portion of the SUV sketch. By using dark and clear lines, we draw the roof’s angular shape and windows that are not as angular. Then it is necessary to make a mirror and eliminate any unnecessary lines from the roof of the SUV.


Step 6

Then we’ll repeat the same thing, only using the side of the vehicle. With very dark and clear lines, draw the doors. After that, you can add handles and sketch the step. Then you must trace the back portion and the rear wheel arch.


Step 7

This is where you must be vigilant because, during the seventh step, we trace the wheels, which must be clear and even. At first, you trace the wheels. They should be the most homogeneous. In the next step, at the center of the wheels, we draw the rims. They are supposed to be strong and rough.


Step 8

We’ll now apply the final touches. To be exact, we’ll draw shadows. We begin by drawing shadows of the wheels as well as the surfaces inside the arches. Then, we apply glare to the windows and draw the rest of the shadows at the locations that are shown in the illustration by the artists from


This was a lesson in drawing the outline of an SUV. As we’ve said you are able to draw any SUV by changing a few particulars. If you’d like to master drawing any other type of car, be sure to go to the section known as “Cars” on

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