How To Draw A Superman Heart

How To Draw A Superman Heart

Step one:

Start by drawing the left-hand portion of the as follows.

Step two:

Make the heart shape as this, and then go on to step 3.

Step three:

We’ll look at the diamond shape that Superman’s symbol is. The diamond shape is easy, so if like to make use of the ruler, then go ahead.

Step four:

Begin on the right and then draw the detail inside, and then begin with the S letter.

Step five:

Continue working on the S in the same way you can ensure that the shape of an oblong is drawn within the S.

Step six:

Then, finish your drawing by adding with the letter S. When that’s completed it’s finished. Make sure you erase any mistakes you’ve have made any.

Step seven:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Choose Superman’s color palette and add some energy to Superman’s soul.

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