Our team of artists adores the Fallout universe extremely in both the old as well as the latest versions of this wonderful game. In our previous drawing lessons, we taught the drawing process for Vault Dweller as well as the ghost. In this drawing class, we will carry on the theme of the post-apocalyptic universe in Fallout and will show how to draw the art of drawing the Super mutant.

Step 1
Super mutant is basically an extremely mutated form of a person, so we’ll employ the same principles for drawing the normal man. The first step is to begin drawing the head as an oval. Then, draw a simple spine line, and then draw the pelvis and chest. With the simplest lines, we define the legs and arms.

Step 2
Then we increase the volume of the superhuman’s physique. However, before we do this we sketch 2 lines of the face. Then we draw the outline of the broad neck and the massive body. Next, sketch the outline of the legs and arms with geometric designs (cylinders or balls).

Step 3
It’s the moment to include some fundamental details. We’ll start with the head, then move toward the feet. In the beginning, we sketch the specifics of the face as well as the large ears. After that, we proceed to the lower part of the page and sketch out huge bracers, loincloths, and enormous boots.

Step 4
Now it’s time to draw all the details. With clear and dark lines, draw gently the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, trace the outline of the head and the large ears. Draw wrinkles as we did in the next step.

Step 5
If your head has been drawn, and it looks similar to the one we saw in our illustration Let’s go on to draw the body. Begin by drawing the long neck. Then, draw the contours of the torso as well as the massive pectoral muscles. Then, draw the abbs as well as the wrinkles on the skin.

Step 6
Then, following the torso lines, take care to draw the outline of the deltoids. They seamlessly run into the biceps and forearms. Be extra careful when drawing hands and bracers (for this, refer to the tutorial on drawing hand drawings). Take away all guidelines that are unnecessary from the arms, draw the muscles that are needed and fold them.

Step 7
Did you draw the arms? If yes, now sketch the legs. Following along the lines drawn by the back we meticulously draw the parts on the loin cloth. Then, we draw the leg muscles as well as the knee joint. Then, at the end of the process, we have to draw our shoes and then remove any lines that are not needed from the drawing.

Step 8
To fix the issue, we’ll draw shadows. We first need to determine the source of light (which in our case is located on the lower left-hand edge) after which we draw the shadows using the aid of thick hatching.

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