how to draw a sunflower -

how to draw a sunflower

how to draw a sunflower

The team from will show you how to draw different kinds of flowers. Also, in the guide on drawing the sunflower in this article, we’re going to demonstrate ways to draw one of the joyful flowers. The instructions will be simple, and even the least experienced artist can master drawing the flower.

We broke this guideline into eight easy and easy steps, all of the lines that we have created, and we used red paint to ensure maximum simplicity.

Step 1

Every subject is taken from the most basic geometric designs. The first step is to design the central part of the helianthus, in the form of an oval.




Step 2

Then, using two arcuate lines sketch the stalk. Then, draw the branches to which leaf leaves are placed.




Step 3

Then, using a huge number of lines, draw petals as shown in the example provided by the artists from Try to duplicate the form of the petals, like in our illustration.




Step 4

We will now draw the petals’ lower layer. The layer that is under that layer we saw in an earlier stage. Petals are illustrated in exactly the same manner as in the third stage.




Step 5

Create two leaves. They must be thin and long enough to not be too thin, like the rose and mango leaves. Create leaves that are slightly curved and wrinkled.




Step 6

Then, by using a huge quantity of interspersed lines create a seed texture like the artists from in the illustration below did.




Step 7

Remove the guidelines from the artwork, should there be they are there. Next, using ink or pencil that is dark make a sketch of the artwork, so that it appears more clear and artistically.




Step 8

Take your preferred artist tools to paint your sunflower. Choose yellow for the flowers of the plant as well as a brunette for seeds and green for the stem.




We quickly re-read the end of the instructions on drawing the sunflower. The team behind believes that this tutorial was extremely easy. If you aren’t convinced please let us know about it. We will read all of your feedback and we will reply to lots of them.

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