How To Draw A Sunflower Tattoo

How To Draw A Sunflower Tattoo

Step 1:

Begin by drawing a circle around in the middle of your flower, and follow the lines to create the sun.

Step 2:

Utilizing the guideline, determine the central point of the flower. create the flower’s petals that are both long and almond-like shape. Include details and definitions to the design.

Step 3:

The center of the flower is colored in the form of a splotchy concept as you can see. This creates drama and texture in the floral.

Step 4:

Then draw the long stalk or stem. Then draw the leaves that are large in the middle. The leaves can be embellished with details.

Step 5:

Then, draw lines of water woosh trial lines as you can see here. Once you’ve colored them, the pattern is drawn.

Step 6:

After all the mess is cleared After that, your sunflower tattoo will appear like the one in this picture.

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