Hello, dear artists! What do you think of drawing an awesome car? We’ve drawn super cool cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Audi. However, today we will showcase an automobile that is a bit more accessible to the common human.

This is the first lesson on drawing a Subaru BRZ.

Step 1
In every drawing lesson about cars, We begin by drawing the basic outline of the car’s body. With the aid of lines, we sketch the outline of Subaru like in our example.

Step 2
In the front portion, draw the outline of headlights as well as an outline of the grille for the radiator. On the other side, sketch out the arches, wheels as well as rearview mirrors.

Step 3
Let’s begin to work on the details beginning with the front of the vehicle. By drawing clear lines, you can draw details like the headlights and logo, and grille.

Step 4
Let’s go towards the top of the Subaru. Following the hood line, draw the windows, the roof, and the rearview mirror.

Step 5
Let’s begin working on the front that is Our Subaru BRZ. Take care to draw the door and handle. Remove all the guides from the body of the vehicle.

Step 6
It’s a challenging step. With clear lines, carefully sketch out wheel arches and wheels.

Step 7
We need to draw the rims. This is a difficult process because there are so many different details and lines.

Step 8
The only thing left is to add shadows. By hatching, you can create shadows on the areas of arches and wheels.

Today we have done a fantastic job during this lesson on drawing Subaru BRZ, is not it? Do not forget to tell your friends about this drawing lesson on social media and join us on social media, and also visit the “Cars” category in which you can find lots of fascinating drawing lessons.

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