how to draw a strawberry

Are you able to draw strawberries? The team behind believes that it’s extremely simple, and today we’ll demonstrate what you can draw of strawberries. The tutorial will comprise just six steps, each of which is highlighted in red in order to make it clear and easy to use.

Following this guideline draw a strawberry with paper with a pencil and paper or the graphics tablet.

Step 1

The first step is to create a triangular form with round corners. Do not attempt to create a perfect dark and clear lines Just draw a loose and lighter sketch.




Step 2

Then, near the end of the sketch created from the previous step, draw the calyx. They are the flowering petals high up on the strawberries.



Step 3

Imagine a stem at the highest point. This is an incredibly thin and long cylindrical cylinder with an incline of just a little. You can choose the bend and the shape of the stem in the way you want.



Step 4

Let’s convert our sketch of strawberries into a fully-fledged art. Draw the seeds with an abundance of smaller and small ovals. The seeds should be placed in a fairly random arrangement.



Step 5

Then, use an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines from your strawberry drawing. Draw it out to make the artwork clear and complete. To make the image clearer and more vibrant you can trace it using a dark pencil or ink.



Step 6

Paint the strawberry red The seeds yellow, and your calyx with green. To add more authenticity you can add shadows. In case you’d like to get instructions on how to create shadows with Contact us at info



It was a smooth and gradual process. got to the end of the guideline for drawing strawberries. We hope that everyone who reads this article could master the challenge. If you’re looking to draw something more complex, check out other pages on We believe that you’ll be able to master drawing with pencils and paints.

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