In this drawing tutorial, we explain drawing and strawberries. It’s a breeze however, at the final step of this drawing tutorial you will have an amazing, realistic strawberry. Let’s get started!

Step 1

We will first draw something that could be described as triangular. However, this isn’t an actual triangle since there aren’t any corners in this drawing are there? Therefore, we sketch this weird shape to create it appear exactly like the one you will see in our example.




Step 2

Then we draw a few leaves as well as an elongated portion on the stem. The longest leaves should be literal. These are the main characteristics that define the angles.



Step 3.

It is the most simple step in the entire lesson. In this section, you just need to put a number of points within the strawberries’ contour.



Step 4

We will now draw circles around every single point from the previous step to create figures that resemble seeds.



Step 5

In this stage, we draw the lines that run along the length of each leaf. Following that, it is time to remove all excess guidelines from the leaves.



Step 6

Let’s draw some shadows right now so that our plum appears more realistic and full of life. Make sure to draw the shadow onto the ground.


Strawberry is a well-known fruit, and it frequently appears in a variety of still lifes. This drawing class is a good one for those looking to know how to draw something like an ice-cold bowl. To enhance your skills in still lives, go to our categories, namely “Food” and “Still Life” in which we provided various guides regarding fruits, vegetables, and different vessels. Also, do not miss to visit a social network known as Pinterest where we will post short illustrations of some of our lessons. We also have web pages for Google Plus and Facebook, where we announce announcements about our drawing classes coming up. If you liked this tutorial on drawing strawberries, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the feedback. It will help us greatly when we work.

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