It’s a nice time of the day Dear artists! Today’s drawing class will teach you what it takes to draw the razor. Straight razors were common prior to the wide distribution of an old model made of Gillette safety razor, and later the current type that comes with shaving razors.
Step 1
Then, we sketch how e will cut our blade. Be aware that the blade might differ from the one we sketched out.

Step 2
Then, draw the upper edge of the razor. Finally, make sure to add a couple of glares onto the edge of the razor.
Step 3
Make a handle that is slightly larger than the blade.
Step 4
Make a couple of rivets as well as make the “tail” on the edge to the highest point of the blade.

It was a very simple drawing lesson that taught the art of drawing straight razors step-by-step. Draw often and draw frequently with our drawing classes. Do not forget to join our social media pages and share information about our company with all your acquaintances.

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