How To Draw A Stormtrooper Helmet Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

We’ll be taking things extremely literally at the top of the heap when we begin this instructional of drawing an Stormtrooper helmet.

Start off beginning by sketching a narrow, wide brim that is across the entire length of the helmet. Once you have drawn it, you are able to create a curved line below it to form your helmet’s top.

A helmet’s top surface will appear smooth, but the top of the helmet will be somewhat flat. That’s all you have to complete for this step, so you’re prepared for the next part of the course!

Step 2: Draw the left side of the top of the helmet.
The second part in this Stormtrooper Helmet drawing we’ll sketch the upper left portion of the head. The first step is to trace the right eye part of the helmet.

It will be in the shape as a triangle that has the thin portion facing out. The eye portion will include some details inside it, to give it some dimension.

Use an uniform line to on the top part of your helmet and extend it into the filter section at the lower part of the.

Then, you can finish the process by drawing a few circles at the top left. Like in our image of reference it is our plan to include helmets in the following section.

Step 3. Draw the right-hand side of the top of the helmet.
The third step in our guide on drawing the design of a Stormtrooper helmet will allow you to replicate what you created in the first step.

This means that you draw a different part of the eye, along with the other elements of the helmet’s top. When drawing these components try to keep the design as symmetrical as you can.

It is possible to complete this step by adding curving lines to the left of the domed portion of the helmet’s top. You can then move on to step 4.

Step 4: Next you will draw the front of the helmet.
The next step in this Stormtrooper helmet drawing is finalizing the details and the elements.

We’ll first begin with the part that will be inserted into the nose. The thin outline is drawn with two lines that are wavy and curly connecting at the ends.

Draw lines on the sides of the flat shape.

Then, we’ll draw the outline of the mouthpiece’s frontal vent to make the helmet. Draw a rounded portion at the bottom left of the helmet, and then draw an elongated protrusion slightly indented into the area.

It can sound a little clunky however it’s easy to understand by referring to the image that you used as a reference!

Complete this step by drawing thin vertical shapes with different levels next to each other.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Stormtrooper Helmet Drawing
Now you are prepared to draw all the details as well as components in this stage in the Stormtrooper skull drawing guide.

To begin, you can replicate what you’ve done earlier in order to recreate the vent section on the opposite side of the top section of the head.

After the design for the helmet is finalized We’ll finish it by adding curvilinear details throughout the whole helmet.

These details make the look of the helmet a bit more polished.

You could also keep this drawing by drawing a cool backdrop or adding additional details to the drawing. What can you do to complete this incredible drawing by adding your own ideas and details?

Step 6 – Finish your Stormtrooper helmet drawing in color
The last step in this Stormtrooper helmet sketch is to complete it with some colors!

The iconic Stormtrooper helmet style is available in black and white color scheme. In our sample image, we have used an alternative silver color scheme.

You can choose an identical style to create your own, but there are many various designs you can pick from the movies as well as various other Star Wars vehicles!

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