hello everyone. In our previous tutorials on drawing, we showed that you could draw the Death Knight along with flame elementals characters from classic fantasy.

Step 1
Always start at the top and slowly work our way down. Here we’ll do the same. Begin by sketching out the head as a shape of a circle. Then draw the outline of the pelvis and torso. This is drawn with the same method by using circles.

Step 2
We will continue our lesson on drawing the outline of a stone golem. With the aid of simple circles and ovals, draw the legs and arms.

Step 3
We now move on to the finer details. Take care to draw out the eyes with frowns. Below the mouth, draw the mouth that is largely using the teeth of stone. It is evident that the face of the golem is easy to draw.

Step 4
With the aid of smooth lines, draw the outline of the arms and torso. Make sure to the fact that the arms and torso are divided into sections which means that they must appear as if they’re made of stone.

Step 5
We’ll now look at the lower portion of our fantasy creature. In the same way similar to the one we used for the previous step in drawing the legs, we draw them that look like they are made from stone. Be aware that the lines should not be too rough.

Step 6
Then, let’s create a stone texture. Make sure to draw the sections like in our illustration. By using short strokes, you can make the stone look more realistic.

Step 7
It is time to make this golem three-dimensional. With hatching, add shadows in the darkest areas. To make this easier it is possible to draw the outline of the shadows and then draw shadows by hatching.

Today, we taught you what it takes to draw an elk golem. This drawing exercise was more simple than it looks. If you encounter difficulties, erase the lines you failed to draw and attempt to recreate that step. Be sure to go to our other lessons on our website. We believe you’ll discover many interesting things.

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