How to Draw a Stingray

In this drawing guide, we’ll show the user the art of drawing the Stingray one of the oldest and most unique species of marine life.

The creature has a flat body with large pectoral fins, which are fused with the head. This makes the animal appear like a sheet floating. The eyes are on the upper part of the face and the other parts of the face are on the lower side. The upper part of these creatures is customized in color to a specific space. They come in a range of colors, ranging from light to extremely dark.

We typically show ways to draw standard representations of specific species, and this tutorial on drawing the stingray isn’t any different.

Step 1

First, draw an arcuate line that will eventually become the central axis of the stingray. The line runs from the nostrils to the end of the tail throughout the body.




Step 2

Draw an edge on the top of the stingray’s body with two lines. It is important to note that this line looks very similar to bows. Try to create as smooth lines as you can.




Step 3

Make two more lines to draw the massive fins of the stingray. In order to verify the proportionality of your sketch, examine it with the mirror.




Step 4

Additionally, you can use a second long line to draw the tail of the stingray. Utilize two lines in order to sketch the femoral fin that is situated within the body and the tail.




Step 5

On the front of the head make the eye with a tiny gill and small. The majority of rays have gills on the bottom of the head, of the head, where the nostrils and mouth are. However, in the stingray we have, the Gills are situated on the upper part of the body.




Step 6

Finish the drawing with all the required elements. Eliminate all unnecessary lines and create lines that make the stingray’s drawing sharper and more vivid.




Step 7

The stingray was painted in a light blue-green. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial on drawing the stingray, this creature could come in a range of shades. You can paint the stingray in black gray or sand or any other hue.




If you found this guide helpful and the seven steps above have helped you understand how to draw a stingray then you’re now ready to enhance your drawing skills. You can, for instance, draw the surroundings of a stingray using algae, fish as well as other things that can be found under the water.

Then, move to the category of Animals for a tutorial on how to draw whales, wolves, and the other creatures of our planet Earth. This will allow you to increase your skill of drawing to a new level.


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