There are numerous styles of art in the visual arts One of the most well-known can be still lives. As you will read in this article,’s team will teach the user ways to draw still life.

Still, life can comprise a range of different objects. It is possible to lay out simple geometric shapes like pyramids and cubes on the table or design the perfect still life using books, a skull, and candles. In this post, the team from has decided to make the most traditional still-life design and that’s the fruit basket.

Step 1

In the article on composition, First of all, it is important to draw the lines of the still life to come on a piece of paper. Utilize very light lines to do this. Make sure to draw the area on which the basket of fruits will be placed.



Step 2

With light and simple lines, draw the outline of the basket as well as the fruit within it. At this point, you should try to make the things in the background appear lighter than the objects in the foreground.


Step 3

In the previous stage, we created the most detailed detail, now it’s time to show the smaller ones. When drawing all these things take note of the fact that they’re a lot of work and attempt to express the size on the paper.


Step 4

Let’s begin to work on the specifics. Darker lines and cleaner lines create the details in the background. If you are able, improve the contours of the lines drawn earlier.


Step 5

Keep drawing the specifics, but this time, the lines are that are in the background. As previously mentioned it is important to use sharp and clean lines. Be aware that the objects in the background must be less dark and contrast lines.


Step 6

Add the required details, such as leaf lines as well as the lines of the fruits. Then draw the appearance in the design of the basket. After you’ve added the clean lines, erase the previous construction lines.


Step 7

To increase the volume of the still-life drawing shadows is required. In the tradition of drawing, start with the brightest and dark shadows. In the beginning, you should make use of light lines to draw the shadow’s outlines After that, you can smooth and equally hatch the areas.


Step 8

Create shadows for the fruit’s front of the surface. Also, in the tutorial on the drawing of a ball the team at explains in detail how you can add shadows on the spherical surface.


Step 9

Create shadows that make the foreground darker and contrast. Begin adding shadows in the background. Be aware that shadows should be in line with the shape of objects to allow them to appear more impressive and convincing.


Step 10

Then, go to the rear of the basket and apply some shading. Here, the shading ought to appear more general, and less in line with the form, so that the objects in the foreground appear larger.


Step 11

Finish the look with a few finishing details. Give the foreground more intensity Add shadows as needed and remove the lines of construction left.


If you have followed our guidelines and your work is comparable with ours then the guideline for drawing a still-life is completed. If you discover any mistakes make sure you go back to the place where you did the mistake and work on fixing the mistake.


If you are able to draw this still life, attempt to gather objects to create a still-life on the table and then draw all the details using the information gained from this post. Make a few different still-lifes at different angles and with different lighting. The constant instruction will show the artist how to draw various objects properly and make beautiful compositions.



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