How to Draw A Stethoscope

Doctors have many tools and equipment they can use to help patients in their time of need.

The stethoscope is one of the most well-known tools doctors use. It’s also the first thing people think of when they are worried about doctors.

This device is used to monitor and measure heartbeats. It has a unique design, which can make it easy to draw a Stethoscope.

How to Draw A Stethoscope Step-By-Step

1st Step:

We will be using this guide to draw a stethoscope. In addition, we will be naming various parts of the tool as we go. This is the first step.

2nd Step:

Tubing connects the various parts of this tool. This is the part of your stethoscope drawing that will show the section of the tubing that branches to the parts that would fit in a doctor’s ears.

3rd Step:

This is the third step in , our guide on drawing an stethoscope. We will be extending the tubing we talked about earlier.

4th Step:

Binaurals are the two thin, metallic pieces that a doctor would place in their ears to hear. We will now add the first one to your stethoscope diagram.

5th Step:

The second binaural will be added to the drawing in the final step of our guide on how draw a stethoscope.

6th Step:

You have reached the last step in your stethoscope drawing. In this final step, we will add some color!

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