How to Draw a Stegosaurus Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1:

Then sketch your head as well as the face. Stegosaurus was a large and flat, small head that was similar to the head of a turtle. Remember that the body is much larger.

Step 2:

Draw the body as well as the bone plates. The neck will extend to the rear of the small head and appear as a huge bump. From the neck’s back create rows of pointed triangles, which are designed like shark’s teeth. They’d start off small but would grow in size towards the bottom part of the stegosaurus.

Step 3:

The front leg is the one you draw. Due to their shape, they should have been strong long, elephant-like legs.

Step 4:

The hind legs are drawn. They’re like the front ones however, the thighs are at a higher elevation on the stegosaurus body, and they flex more, with them right at the knees.

Step 5:

Draw the tail as well as the bones. The tail slopes downwards to the side of the body, similar to the neck slope up however, it’s a bit smaller. The panels are smaller in size in comparison to the biggest panel on the rear. Draw a set of four spikes on the tip of the tail. This is what could be used by the stegosaurus utilized as a weapon.

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