how to draw a steak

Editors and artists of love steaks. So in this video tutorial, we’ll teach you how to draw the perfect steak.

The wonderful dish of meat is known since the earliest times due to the fact that there is nothing better than cooking the meat over a flame. Therefore, let’s gather our preferred drawing tools and get started on the instructions on how to draw the perfect steak.


Step 1

The main shape of the steak uses thin and wavy lines. The lines should be transparent at the beginning to allow us to erase them when needed. Don’t forget to not attempt to duplicate the exact shape of the steak as it is rare to get the two meat pieces that look alike in shape.




Step 2

Add some volume to the cut by drawing another wavy line that is closer to the lower edge of the main illustration. The lines remain transparent. The outline of this line should roughly follow the form of the initial stage.




Step 3

The next step is to give an appearance to our steak drawings. Make oblique intersecting lines. You’ve already figured out that these are cooked strips of meat that you grill. The lines shouldn’t be exactly even because the grill does not employ an exact ruler when drawing the lines on a real steak.




Step 4

The time is now to show the flavor of the meat itself. Draw vertical and horizontal small strips of the entire steak.




Step 5

The final, most intriguing. We add color and richness to our steak illustration. Paint the steak red-brown. The strips that intersect should be darker in comparison to other parts of the steak.




We walked very easily but quickly reached the conclusion of the instruction on how to draw the steak. We hope the instruction was easy and cost-effective. If you enjoyed this lesson check out our category titled Food in which you will learn to draw pears, apples, and much more.

Drawing a steak is extremely useful if you wish to design a still-life or an advertisement poster. In one way or another, you can join us on social media to stay on top of any updates to

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