how to draw a star

In this tutorial, the team from will teach you what to draw the shape of a star. This is one of the easiest to follow on our website. Stars are drawn frequently in different art pieces however, they don’t always appear elegant and smooth. In this article, we’ll provide the most important aspects and tricks that are essential when drawing stars.

You will require a pen and paper or a graphics tablet to begin drawing. If you have all the art materials all set, let’s begin!

Step 1

First, depict a long straight diagonal line. To make it easier to create the illustration, you can make use of the ruler. Try to replicate the angle of inclination that we have used in our illustration.




Step 2

Draw another line, which is exactly the mirror image of that line from the initial stage. Our star appears somewhat like the shape of a pyramid.




Step 3

Also, sketch an additional straight line (yes this guide is made up of straight lines) that begins at the point where the line ends in stage two, and runs across the line shown in the first stage.




Step 4

In continuation of the line created in the third stage, draw straight horizontal lines similar to the work of the artists at in the image below.




Step 5

We are now able to sketch an outline of a star by joining the lines drawn in the fourth and the first stages. To determine the proportions of the drawing, examine it in the mirror. All the imperfections in the proportions will be apparent.




Step 6

Then, put the pencil down and grab an eraser. With this simple tool, remove any guidelines that you have drawn from the drawing you are making. It is possible to make your star drawing more sharp and dark by drawing it using a spot of ink or a pencil that is darker.




Step 7

This part will focus on painting the star. It is possible to color the star blue, such as the example provided by the artists at, or choose the color of your choice.




You now are able to draw the star. It’s a great idea in the case of the holiday tree or Captain America. Check out our other articles for more information on how to draw anything. If you don’t find what you were searching for, make sure to let us know about it.

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