We have created many drawing lessons for dragons, like lessons on dragons for beginners, a Dragon for beginners,s and a Chinese dragon. We are going to present an extremely simple lesson that will show the students the art of drawing an unseated dragon.

Step 1
The foundation of every sketch is obviously the skeleton. And the lessons on the dragon are not an exception. In the beginning, we draw out the skull as well as the long lines of the neck and spine, and the tail. With the aid of simple ovals, sketch out the pelvis and chest. With simple lines, we draw the outline of the limbs and wings.

Step 2
This part will be very simple, as we’ll be adding bulk to the body of the dragon. First, we sketch the muzzle of the dragon. Then, we sketch out the outline of its neck and then move through the torso before transforming it into the long tail.

Step 3
Let’s add more volume to the appearance of our dragon that is threatening us. This illustration shows the enormous wings, arms, and legs of a beast. It is important to note that the legs must have enough muscle and appear like human legs.

Step 4
The basic lines of the drawing are drawn and, starting with this stage, we’ll draw the dragon in more detail. The outline of the mouth with an enormous mouth and smiling eyes. Get rid of any guidelines that are not necessary and move through the steps.

Step 5
We will continue drawing our dragon’s head. of the dragon. We will have to draw sharp and long ears and horns. Then draw the comb over the neck and head of the monster. Get rid of any guidelines that are unnecessary and then go to the torso.

Step 6
Continue the necklines in this section, we’ll carefully draw the armor of the dragon making sure to include all folds and muscles on the arms. Draw the lines of muscle and fingers using sharp claws.

Step 7
In this phase, we draw the legs as well as the long tail. On the legs, we draw fingers using sharp claws. On the tail, you draw the thorns. The final step is eliminating all lines that are unnecessary.

Step 8
Now, let’s draw the gigantic wings, which resemble bat wings. When drawing the dragon’s wings be aware of the folds and joints, just like the artists in our gallery did. Eliminate all unnecessary lines of the dragon’s wings to make the drawing appear neat and tidy.

Step 9
In order to complete the drawing lesson about the art of drawing a standing dragon and a standing dragon, we must draw all of the needed shadows. To draw this in a correct manner, we must first determine the source of light and then apply hatching to the darkest parts of the drawing of the dragon.

The instruction on drawing the dragon is over If you’d like more similar lessons go to the Myths and Legends category on which is where you can find a variety of fun and fascinating drawing lessons.

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