how to draw a squid

In this simple 10-stage drawing tutorial, we will teach the user what to draw a Squid.

It is an unusual creature that because of its appearance is now very well-known in the world of contemporary. Many sea creatures and creatures resemble squids and even Squidward is among the most well-known character from Spongebob can be described as actually a Squid.

From the outside, this creature appears easy to draw, and the drawing process is easy, and in this guide on drawing a squid, you’ll be able to see the squid in action.


Step 1

First, create a long oval that will later become the torso of this bizarre creature. Don’t attempt to create a perfect oval as in the future, we’ll have to repair it several times.




Step 2

Then draw a big fin towards the bottom of the oval. This part of the body of a squid is very similar to the original Russian women’s hairdresser.




Step 3

After that, using two lines, draw this squid’s body to the tail’s tip. The drawing of the squid now appears somewhat like a rocket, isn’t it?




Step 4

Draw the portion of the head where your eyes reside. Then draw the eyes and the folds surrounding them. Then, draw on the tops of tentacles.




Step 5

Let’s draw the tentacles. Let’s first draw the tentacles the closest ones to us. Tentacles must be smooth and preferred to be drawn using lengthy, continuous lines.




Step 6

Draw two tentacles, this time behind the other. Be sure to ensure that the tentacles are pointing in different directions.




Step 7

Continue drawing the tentacles. As we mentioned previously the tentacles must be long, smooth, and pointed in various directions.




Step 8

In this phase, it is time to draw tentacles by drawing the final pair. Don’t forget to separate your drawing from yourself periodically so that you can better appreciate all the errors in the drawing.




Step 9

Let’s eliminate all unnecessary lines of construction from the squid sketch. This can help to provide the sketch with an overall look.




Step 10

We chose to draw the squid’s drawing in red, but you can paint it yellow, green, or any of the other colors to do this. When you’ve colored the eyes remember to add white highlights within the eyes.




If you’ve drawn a squid but would like to sharpen your drawing skills, then you should attempt to draw the surroundings that the squid typically is. You can draw algae as well as fish and other sea creatures that surround it.

If you already draw squids much better than us and you want to master drawing other live creatures then head to our category titled Animals.

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