How to draw a square -

How to draw a square

How to draw a square

A square is a quadrilateral with four right angles and four congruent sides. Easy to draw, right? Not so fast. Drawing a perfect square requires more than just a steady hand. Learning to draw a perfect square using either a protractor or compass is a useful skill.

Square/cubes, circles/globes, cylinders, ellipses, and triangle/pyramid are the common forms that can be found in complex objects. Learning to correctly draw these shapes will improve your drawing skills. Many artists begin their drawings by looking for theses shapes inside of complex objects, and begin by drawing these shapes first. They then morph these shapes to create the more complex forms.

We will be drawing freehand. There are some great benefits to learning to draw freehand. Drawing without rulers or templates helps you build hand eye coordination and improves focus. Freehand drawing is also beneficial when drawing on location or when a ruler or template is not available for use. 

how to draw square step by step

  1. Draw a square. 
  2. Draw a second overlapping square that is slightly higher and to the side of the first square. 
  3. Connect the four corners of the square. 
  4. Erase all the interior lines so that the cube has a front, top and side.  

A cube is a three-dimensional square. The viewer will be able to see two or three sides depending on where the cube is positioned. Moving the cube up and down or side to side in front of your line of sight changes the number and amount of the sides you will be able to see. This concept can be used to draw both square and rectangular objects.

A rectangle drawn in perspective is called a rectangular solid. Listed below are ways to draw a cube that has one side facing you (1 Point Perspective), and a cube that has been turned so that one corner is closer than the others (2 Point Perspective).

For the purpose of this lesson, we will only cover some basic ideas about drawing a cube. Details about drawing in perspective will be covered in a later lesson. Read the tips and practice them completing a full page of cubes and rectangular solid shapes.

Some square Drawing pictures



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