Hello everybody! On our website, we’ve shown the drawing process for lots of sports cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche. Today, we will demonstrate what to draw for the Spyker C12 the sports car made by Spyker Cars, a Netherlands business Spyker Cars.

Step 1
We’ll begin drawing the outline of our automobile. By using light lines, we draw the outline of the Spyker C12.

Step 2
With the aid of light lines, draw the wheel arches, as well as those wheels.

Step 3
So, let’s start adding details. Simply draw out the headlights and hood. Draw lines that are dark and clear.

Step 4
The same lines of clear and dark grey make up the grille of the radiator and the emblem that is in the middle inside the bonnet.

Step 5
Take a step up over the top of the Spyker C12 and draw out the roof using air intakes. Draw out the mirrors and windows.

Step 6
We then descend below and reveal a lateral portion of the car. It has an opening and some specifics on the side of the vehicle.

Step 7
By using smooth, clear lines trace out wheel arches as well as the wheels.

Step 8
Simple and quick step. All we need to do is to draw the wheel’s rims. Also, you can create shadows (for example, see the tutorial on drawing Maserati).

The lesson on drawing a Spyker C12 step-by-step is done. Don’t forget to make sure to share this drawing lesson on social media and follow us on social media.

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