In the first action, our team from explained how to draw the monocular, and in the same way, we’ll show how you draw the spyglass. The tool was used over the centuries and was among the most trusted companions of sailors, pioneers, and pirates. If you’re going to draw any of the above characters, it’s likely that you’ll need to learn the art of drawing the spyglass. It’s actually quite easy to master, it is a bit complicated, so we’ve divided this into three most easy steps each with an easy description. As normal for the artist of

Step 1

A telescope is simply an assortment of cylinders that are nested within one another. The first step of this tutorial of drawing an eyeglass will be an ordinary cylindrical. Draw two lines. On one side, place an oval and on the other side is a “C” shaped line.

Step 2

Repeat the reverse of the cylinder 3 times. Each cylinder you follow should be smaller and should be nestled in the larger one. In the front, you can draw a lens which can also be drawn with the simple “C” shaped line.

Step 3

The sketch of the spyglass is nearly complete, however, it’s going to look dull and unnatural until we apply shadows. First, sketch the highlights of the lens with the help of two strokes. Then, you can employ the hatching technique to create shadows on areas that are not visible to light.

There are three easy steps in this tutorial on the drawing of a spyglass and we’re confident that by following them, you’ll be able to draw this simple, yet very cool instrument. As we mentioned earlier attempt drawing a field glass, not just on its own, however, but also in hands of an emperor of the seas, or at the tower of the fortress or citadel. We are eager to hear from you and your feedback on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Pinterest as well as Facebook.

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