How To Draw A Spring Bunny

How To Draw A Spring Bunny

Step one:

Let’s start as we always do , which is by establishing a basic shape and guidelines for the bunny’s frame.

Step two:

With the head guide you’ve just created then sketch the design of the rabbit’s head as well as head, along with the long and drawn-back ear. You can also add a cute dot of hair on high up on the head, too.

Step three:

The next step is to focus to draw the face out. Begin with the eyes and then color them in and then draw the mouth, nose along with long whiskers.

Step four:

All you need to do is draw in the opposite the ear.

Step five:

Now , you can concentrate on the upper part of your body starting with your arms and paws.

Step six:

Do not hesitate to draw a portion of the bunny’s stomach and afterwards draw his left leg and foot.

Step seven:

The final step. All you need to draw is the back, then the other leg, and the rabbit’s foot, and finally the tail of the puppy. Make sure you erase the mistakes if have made any, and follow the guidelines and shapes that are visible.

Step eight:

Once you’re done, you can begin coloring the Easter bunny or even create an attractive background. Don’t forget sharing, like and follow.

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