Dear Artists. A lot of people who love drawing using pencils and paper pencils or paper have had the opportunity to draw with spray cans. Today, as you may have seen, we’ll demonstrate the drawing process using a spray can.

Step 1
First, using straight and clear lines, make a long horizontal rectangle.

Step 2
On the top and at the bottom of the rectangle we draw ovals.

Step 3
Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary. If you’ve done everything correctly then you’ll be able to get cylindrical.

Step 4
Create curved lines on the top and bottom of the container. Make the bottom of the container using an angled line.

Step 5
Then at the top of our spray, we draw an upper limit.

Step 6
By using light hatching, you can add shadows and glare, which can make the drawing look larger and more complex.

Today we demonstrated the drawing process for a spray bottle. We hope that you have mastered this drawing exercise. We also hope that you’ll want to know how to draw using spray cans, as it’s a fascinating art. If in the past, artists were similar to the man we sketched during the class on drawing an artist but today’s artists look more like normal men who live in the streets. Of course, we advise you to draw only in permitted locations.


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