Hello! The topic of this article is how to draw the image of a girl who is sporty using a pencil. We’ll need to draw in a simple style, perhaps even in a cartoon style. Our site has an overwhelming gender bias in favor of men. In fact, we have male doctors as well as roles of a knight as well as one-armed Samurai as well as many more. However, our site is not all girls. Let’s change this and learn what it takes to draw a girl who is sporty!

Step 1
Draw the stickman, the man is made from circles and sticks, that are drawn to indicate the definition of the principal proportions of the person, his posture, and the position on paper. This is the very first step, but it’s crucial to look at how women are portrayed. and let’s attempt to remember them:

Growth. Naturally, every person is unique and there is no standard for it. However, in traditional drawing lessons, the female figure is always a bit lower than the male.
The fragility of the image. The width of women’s shoulders is the same as two heads – 2-2.3 heads. The men’s shoulders – which is the length of three heads. Also, the limbs and limbs of women are shorter than the limbs of males.
The length of the pelvis. The pelvis of a woman is larger than the pelvis than a man’s, and vice versa the hips are denser.
The ratio between the pelvis and shoulders. The shoulders of males are bigger than the pelvis of women. The pelvis of women is equal to or larger than the shoulders.
First, sketch the head into the shape of an egg. Below the head, draw the neck that is into the spine. By drawing two equal lines, you can draw the pelvis and the shoulders. Draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Put flesh on the stickman But first, draw a head-to-head sketch of the girl. Then draw the line vertically which shows the center of her face. Then draw horizontal lines for the eyes. Be aware that these lines must be in line with the center of the facial area. Also, take note that in this example, your head has been slightly tilted toward the right. Above the nape, draw a ball outline that would later be the top knot. Draw a graceful, thin neck, and tie it to slim shoulders. Utilizing thin and long cylinders, make the shoulders.

Utilizing smooth, light lines trace the hands with light and smooth lines. Draw a body outline. It should be in the shape of an hourglass with a taper at the waist. With curved cylinders, draw the legs like the image below. You can see how the legs have been slimmer in the areas of the ankles and knees.

Step 3
With previously drawn facial markings sketch out the eyebrows and the upper contour of your eyes the inclination of the lips, ears, and nose. In this stage, everything can be marked with simple strokes that we will elaborate on in the following steps. Draw the lines for both the scrunchy and hair. Remember to erase the lines from the face.

Step 4
Continue to work on the face. Draw your hair in the direction from the roots up to the edges. Finish the eye contour, and draw curving eyelashes. The mouth is divided into two large lips. Outline and contour of nostrils and nose.

Step 5
Remove any extra touches from the arms and then circle their contours. Draw the fingers and small fingers. In the same way, draw the contours of the mat’s roll to improve fitness.

Step 6
Then in the last stage of the drawing tutorial for drawing the figure of a sporty girl, we draw her legs. The easiest way to draw them is to draw the leg’s contours using transparent lines, and clear lines, and erase the guidelines, as well as any extra details from previous steps.

The lesson taught the students to draw an attractive girl using the help of a pencil step-by-step. If you’d like to become acquainted with a lovely girl, you can delight her by creating a flower for her. Go to, to discover more about drawing and discover lots of fascinating information about art. Don’t forget to join us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and etc. ) And goodbye!

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