how to draw a sports car

In this 10-step art tutorial, the team from will teach the user how you can draw sports cars easily and quickly. Everyone is a fan of sports cars and most people would like to draw them on paper so that they can admire their designs in the future. If you are one of them then this article is for you.


Step 1

This guideline on drawing the sports car will begin by drawing the same way as we have done with all of our other content. The first step is to draw the contours of the car like the illustration by the artists at




Step 2

The majority of sports cars sport an edgy body style, but as in this instance, this is convertible. Therefore, draw the windshield as well as the massive sports arches. Make sure that the arches are as proportional as possible.




Step 3

Car parts are very distinct and often have intricate designs. In this phase, we design headlights that are like Porsche headlights as well as radiator grilles.




Step 4

With the aid of sleek lines, we can create large and broad sports wheels. Then we also create the rims. It is important to note that rims should be massive and large.



Step 5

A relatively easy stage of the instructions on drawing the outline of a sports car. Draw a door and rearview mirrors. As we’ve mentioned before sports cars are typically built in the form of a coupe, which means that we draw only one door.



Step 6

Let’s increase the volume of our drawing of a sports car. To create this effect draw high-flying wings like the artists from The lower grille should be drawn, as well as fog lights.



Step 7

In this stage, we’ll show small, but no less important, details. Include the lines on the windshield and the visible parts of the seats. Then, you can draw the visible portion of the trunk as well as the handle.



Step 8

Pick up an eraser, and then boldly erase the lines that are no longer required. Your sketch of a sports car should be elegant and clear as shown in the illustration drawn by the artists at



Step 9

Let’s make the image of the car look more elegant and real. To bring this noble idea to life, we’ll make the rims. Make your rims look however you want.



Step 10

It is possible to leave your car’s drawing black and white as the stage 9 example, but incorporate some shadows and color. To create a more bold and athletic look, choose bright colors like yellow or red.




The ideas presented in this article apply to all sports cars as old and just as fast as Arrow’s new sports car. Therefore, try drawing an arrow for a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or any other car that sports using this instructional video.

What do you think of our instructions on drawing the sports car? Comment about the ten steps above your feedback is valuable to us.

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