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How To Draw A Sport Bike

How To Draw A Sport Bike

Step 1:

The first thing we have to draw these lines and shapes in order to build a frame that is suitable for the bike and rider. The rider is laid out over the bike and the outline is drawn lying down.

Step 2:

Begin by sketching the contours of the face of the rider. The eyebrow, nose and the closed eye. Also, you will need to draw the mouth of your child too.

Step 3:

The head and face of the woman are completely obscured completely by the helmet. Draw the helmet of your bike as you’ve seen it done by us here. It’s just a typical rider’s helmet.

Step 4:

I added a stickers onto the helmet. You may choose to draw the same style or you can be more creative and draw something unique to your own.

Step 5:

The first step is to draw the upper body first for the rider. Start with drawing out the cushion in the helmet which supports the face. After that, then draw your arm that is raised and over to the crown of her head while she relaxes on her bike. Once you’ve done that, you can draw the neck shape and then the image of her chest. The model is dressed in a tank shirt, so draw it in too as the detail to her body and clothes.

Step 6:

We’ll now incorporate some design elements to her top. Choose whatever you like I picked certain bolts.

Step 7:

Then, any rider who gets paid on the bike with helmets should have hair coming out of their helmets, right? Therefore, add some of her long , wavy locks, draped over her arms.

Step 8:

Let’s draw her midsection in the following. It’s her belly as well as her hips. She’s wearing a bikini bottom. You will be required to draw in the ties to the bottom that rests between her hips.

Step 9:

The only thing to do is draw her hand, which is on the opposite hand and rests on her elbow.

Step 10:

Draw in her legs and feet that are long. She’s a well-tuned rider , so make sure you draw her this manner or decide to draw another body style. I also made the hip of her but you can take it out if you prefer.

Step 11:

The drawing process will begin on the bike in the next step. Begin at the front, drawing the body’s shell first.

Step 12:

Then you are able to go ahead and sketch in the rest of the design and the mechanical makeup. Be patient and ensure that you draw everything correctly. I attempted drawing the bike simple enough for all however if you’re not experienced in drawing motorcycles then you might be a little hesitant but that’s fine.

Step 13:

Its exhaust is pulled in and so does the design of the body. Take your time and follow the rhythm through the step.

Step 14:

The final drawing step , all you have to draw are the rims and tires. Once you have the rims and tires of the bike sketched in, then add detail and definition, before you erase any mistakes.

Step 15:

Here is the result. A completed drawing of your sports bike and the rider. You can now add color to your design.

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