How to draw A Sponge Step by Step

Today, we are going to find something that is in every bathroom. As you can see, this is a sponge. Although we chose to use this shape, you can draw any shape sponge.


Let’s now take a look at how to draw a sponge step-by-step.


Step 1

First, draw a parallelogram to create a sponge. This is especially useful if you can draw a straight line and a perfect shape without using a ruler.

Step 2

To get the three-dimensional shape in the sample, add two parallelograms to the top and sides.

Step 3

Every sponge should have many pores. This is probably something you know if your child has ever seen SpongeBob. You might have even taken a shower once in your entire life. In this step, we will draw many pores on the sponge.

Step 4

You can add some shadow by placing a flower inside the pore. This will make the drawing look more real.

This lesson teaches you how to draw a sponge. We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Keep checking back for more drawing tutorials. Bye!

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