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How to draw a spirit eagle

How to draw a spirit eagle

Step one:

We will create the guidelines and guide shapes for your spirit eagle. Draw a circle around the face and sketch in facial guidelines. Next, draw a crown-like shape for the headdress.

step two:

You can begin to draw the shape of the eagle’s head using the shape guide. You should also have tufts on the cheeks.

Draw a button at each end of the headdress as shown here.

Step three:

Draw the outline of the beak and sketch the structure of the eagle’s head.

Step four:

You will use this technique to draw the eyes of an eagle and add shading.

Step five:

For each part of the design, draw in the bones.

Step six:

You can now draw each feather. Take your time, feathers are majestic, and so is the spirit eagle. Make sure to clean up your drawing.

Step seven:

Now you are done. Now, color in the spirit of an eagle.

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