We have already shown you how to draw a Tyrannosaurus as well as a Triceratops. Now we will show you how you can draw a Spinosaurus, one of the most popular dinosaurs.

We don’t know what these animals looked like because they disappeared long ago. Although we know the approximate structure of these animals and their behavior, the details such as the colors of their bodies remain a mystery.


Step 1

The first stage, as in the instruction on Triceratops will be devoted, to drawing the main body parts such as the head and chest in simple ovals.




Step 2

Connect the head and chest with one long line. This will create the neck, spine, and tail. Mark the positions of the hind and front limbs in the same stage.




Step 3

Draw the upper jaw using a few long, straight lines. Look at the dinosaur drawing through a mirror to ensure that the body parts are proportional.




Step 4

Draw the lower jaw using two more wavy lines. Draw the membrane connecting the lower and upper jaws in the same stage.




Step 5

Draw a small, round eye at the top. Draw small, but sharp teeth in the mouth. You can also depict the tongue inside your mouth.




Step 6

To form the lower edge, connect the head and chest. Next, use a long, straight line to draw a comb onto the back.




Step 7

Draw the fingers and arms using the lines of the second stage. You can check the proportions of your dinosaur drawing by looking at it through a mirror.




Step 8

To form the lower edge, connect the ribcage to the pelvis. Next, draw the tail using a long and straight line.




Step 9

Next, trace the legs using the lines of the second stage. The legs should be larger than the arms. It’s almost like a Tyrannosaurus.




Step 10

Next, draw the feet and toes. Turn your dinosaur drawing upside down to check its proportions.




Step 11

Draw a line that runs along the bottom of your neck, belly, and tail. Next, draw vertical lines along the dorsal edge.




Step 12

You can give your dinosaur drawing a final look by erasing all construction lines and tracing all areas with a pencil or liner.




Step 13

We chose to paint the spinosaurus with shades of green. We don’t know the true coloring of these dinosaurs so you can choose another color.




To make the spinosaurus’s drawing more vibrant, add shadows. To give the dinosaur life, highlight the eye.

If you found this tutorial on drawing a spinosaurus interesting, be sure to visit the Animals category to see how to draw other animals from different eras.


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