Greeting dear readers! Here is a tutorial on the steps to drawing spiked clubs. Spiked clubs are among the most basic weapons as it’s a simple club that has spikes inserted into them. Alongside a spear, it was most likely among the more popular weapons throughout the history of humanity.

Step 1

Begin by drawing a figure like a bottle which is large on one end and taper towards the other side.

Step 2

On the broad side of the club, add some spikes. The spikes could be of the same length, or different.

Step 3

Utilizing curly and uneven lines, you can draw the pattern on the wood.

Step 4

And in the final step, add shadows. You can see shadows of spikes and the club itself.

The way we draw the weapon in a lot of drawings, for example, a lesson on the ogre or the start. It’s a simple lesson and you can go to other lessons that will teach you to draw the lengthy sword as well as drawing the greatsword. And make sure to utilize sharing buttons to help share this lesson.


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