How to Draw A Spider

Spiders have a reputation divided around the globe.

There are millions of people who are afraid of them, and then there are people who think they are cool and keep them as pets.

You may be afraid of them, want to confront your fears, or just love these eight-legged creatures.

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This guide will show you how to draw a spider. It is easy to follow and you’ll be drawing your creepy arachnid in no more than 8 steps!

1st Step:

In step 1, we will start with the abdomen of our spider. We will draw the abdomen using a long oval shape.

We will be adding another section to the body above that part. You can move on to step 2 once it looks like the reference photo.

2nd Step:

We will use the space at the top of your abdomen to draw a body and a head for our spider drawing.

The body is almost circular and very rounded. The head of your spider will be located at the top of this shape.

3rd Step:

We all know that spiders are well-known for their eight legs. We will draw one in this step of our guide to drawing a spider.

Make sure you add two pincers to the top of your head before you draw these legs.

These can be used to draw the legs for your front. These front legs extend from the pincers, as you can see in this reference photo.

They are made up three sausage-shaped shapes that connect to each other.


In the next few steps, we will continue adding legs to our spider drawing. Add two slightly bent legs to the spider drawing, just below the front ones that you created in the previous steps.

These will be slightly longer than the front legs so make sure you look at the reference photos to ensure the correct length.

5th Step:

When we said spiders have many legs, we weren’t lying! We will add another row to step 5 of the guide on how draw a spider.

These will be longer than the last row. Regardless of how long they become, each leg will still have three sections.


In this step, we’ll finish the legs of the spider drawing. They will still be divided into 3 sections, with the segments at the end being slightly shorter than the rest.

These legs will be slightly different and extend towards the tip of your abdomen. Now that we have all eight legs accounted for, let’s move on to the final details.

7th Step:

You already have a spider drawing that is creepy and cool. But, we can improve it with some final details!

Spiders also have eight eyes. Make sure you draw them in near the spider’s head.

Now it’s time to add some finishing touches. We used many smaller lines in our image to give the spider a hairy appearance.

You can add more lines to your spider’s body, like the tarantula.

What do you think the final details will look like?

8th Step:

This is the last stage in this guide to drawing a spider. It’s fun! Once you’ve drawn a spider that is amazing, you can color it in.

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