On our site, there are several lessons related to the past and ancient civilizations. For instance, we sketched one of the earliest Greek warriors as well as the Roman legionnaire. We will revisit the topic, however, this time, we’ll sketch an object that is not animated. The focus of this drawing class will be the drawing of the”sphinx”.

Step 1
Sketch out this head as well as the famous headdress that is worn by Sphinx. Make very thin strokes and lines during this step.

Step 2
Then, using the help of a few light lines, trace the outline for the body part of the sphinx that is seated like a cat.

Step 3
Let’s begin to work on the finer details and draw straight lines. Draw the outlines of the features of the face in our illustration.

Step 4
Move to the angular torso of the sphinx. Draw it in the manner we have shown. Make sure to draw lines along the body.

Step 5
We reached the final part of the lesson on drawing the”sphinx” where we’ll need to draw shadows. Shadows, like all sphinxes, are drawn using patterns of differences in intensity.

In ancient Egyptian art, it was an animal that has the body of a lion and a head made of human hair or the head of a leopard or ram. In ancient Greek mythology, the monster has the head of a woman as well as paws and an erect body with the wings and wings of an eagle as well as an animal’s tail the protagonist of the myth of Oedipus. You can now draw this weird creature. If you’d like to know about drawing different mythological creatures, be sure to share your experience with us.

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