how to draw a spaceship

This is the perfect moment to give instructions for drawing a spaceship. Do not be scared by this title – it’s an easy drawing guideline. Here, the staff from will guide you through six easy steps. After you have completed these, you’ll discover that you’ve created an awesome spaceship illustration in cartoon style.


Step 1

Let’s sketch the outline of a thing that resembles the shape of a bullet. The outline should be placed diagonally on the paper. The corner that is pointed at the figure will be pointing at the sky.




Step 2

Let’s look at how the wings are formed by the spaceship. As you can see, the wings differ significantly in terms of size and position. They shouldn’t be constructed identically.




Step 3

At this point, we can see an unassuming rounded form before our spaceship. It is reminiscent of something like the shape of a tiny window inside the castle. The contours are that of the cabin.




Step 4

We’ve almost finished this sketch of the spacecraft. Yes, we employ the cartoon design, however, it’s simple to draw. We now need to draw the shape of the rocket’s jet nozzle.




Step 5

Remove all extra lines that are visible from your spaceship’s artwork. Also, ensure that you’ve got all angles and proportions without any mistakes.




Step 6

The silver color can be described as the standard color of an outer coating of spacecraft. We can apply a light gray shade to mimic the silver coating. The cabin needs to be painted with a darker hue. Two white highlights in the cockpit will give our spaceship a more complete.




We’ve finished this easy drawing guide on how to draw a spaceship. It is our hope that every one of our readers can draw this simple art. If you’re looking for more difficult lessons, you can create Captain America or any other character on our site.    how to draw a coconut

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