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how to draw a spacecraft

We have created a second drawing guide that teaches you how to draw the spacecraft. The most distinctive aspect of this drawing guide is its unusual angle. The last time we did this, we sketched the outline of a Spaceship with the side view. We will now try to make it appear that a spaceship is advancing toward us.

Step 1

We first draw the contours of our spacecraft’s hull. As you can see, we are using non-parallel lines. This is a characteristic of the perspective used in our drawing. We try to make it appear as if the ship is flying directly toward us. It is ideal for you to illustrate these lines without a ruler or any other tool.





Step 2

Then we join those lines that we created in the previous step by using two lines on forward and reverse. The back line is extremely smooth. On the front, we notice a tapering contour.





Step 3

This is the next step in our tutorial on drawing the spacecraft from perspective. The next step is to draw the tail as well as tiny flaps. The lateral side is made by an angle that is obtuse and the horizontal line.




Step 4

Let’s put the circuits on the windshield, which appears to be an angular edge, with slightly rounded corners. We can also create a horizontal line on the lateral sides of our spaceship.





Step 5

In keeping with our tradition In keeping with our old tradition, we leave a step to allow you to examine your drawing prior to using colors. Verify the accuracy of lines and contours. It should appear like a spaceship is flying directly towards you. If all is well you are ready to go onto the next stage.





Step 6

If you’re a fan of astronauts, then you are aware that the standard colors for spacecraft are gray and silver. We chose these colors so that our spaceship would appear realistic despite the cartoony way of drawing.


It was a fairly easy lesson, but with a unique viewpoint. It is our hope that your spaceship appears like a sheet, and is flying into the reality of your life. Don’t forget to go to 3dvkarts.net to get new drawings every day!

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