This is the time for drawing Warhammer’s most famous soldier of Warhammer 40,000. Of course, we are talking about Space Marine also known as The Adeptus Astartes. We have already drawn Capellan. However, our mini set with Warhammer 40,000 would really be insufficient without an ordinary Space Marine. Let’s begin this drawing lesson on drawing an actual Space Marine right now!

Step 1
The Space Marine has a very large and powerful body and we’ll try to draw the entire body. Draw out the contours of the head as well as the backbone. Along this line, we sketch out a large pelvis and chest. By using easy lines we draw the legs and arms. The lines we draw on the first steps should be light, so that, in the future, we can erase them.

Step 2
Then we’ll add flesh to the body in order to create an overall shape rather than stickmen. The first step is to draw two cross lines on your head. Then, sketch the neck and the wide body that our warrior has. Utilizing simple geometric figures draw out the legs and arms. Remember that the body should be extremely wide and strong.

Step 3
In this drawing lesson, we have a character who has been smocked from the helmet to boots. In this section, we sketch the contours of the armor. Beginning with the head, we’ll sketch out a helmet using tiny eyes in the horizontal direction. Then we move to the corpus, drawing out armor with normal lines. On the hand, we sketch the gun, as we can see in our illustration.

Step 4
We have always loved the Space Marine’s headgear. The helmet looks similar to a Mask of the Scorpion from Mortal Kombat – we refer to the part that is a mouthpiece. We draw part of the mask within the mouth area, in addition, we draw a skull symbol that is located in the front.


Step 5
In this stage, we draw armor onto the body. The rim is smooth and drawn on the lower edge of the chest. Do not forget to include an elongated skull – it is situated over the Thorax line. Then we erase all other lines we have drawn from the previous steps, making our drawing neater and tidy.

Step 6
We now draw the details on the arms. There is no need to draw the joints or muscles, but we can sketch the outline of huge shoulder pads and spikes and armor to protect the forearms, shoulders, and palms. Also, we need to draw the specifics of the hands and the Space Marine’s weapon.

Step 7
The next step is to draw the lower portion of our body. In the same manner, as in the previous step, you draw legs as well as huge armor boots. Be aware that the lines must not be smooth. Make sure to draw the mark of the skull, which is located in the belt. All components must be huge and round. Our legs for our Space Marine should be similar to the feet of the stereotypical robot.

Step 8
The drawing tutorial is nearly complete We just need to make some shadows. Similar to other tutorials the first thing we need to do is identify which light source we are using. In addition, considering this sketch hatching of various intensities in the areas that have the lowest illumination. In the last step, you’ll get Space Marine like this:

Today, we learned how the art of sketching Space Marine, and this lesson has been completed. We hope that you enjoyed this video. Keep an eye out for more tutorials. Goodbye!

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